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I devote my professional career to solving challenging urban mobility management problems. I started from developing a complex, large-scale mesoscopic vehicular traffic simulation and assignment model called DynusT for government agencies, professional firms, and academics to study various demand and supply strategies that are investment worthy. 

In recent years, I expanded my explorations from supply-side strategies to understanding how to apply incentives and motivation strategies to trigger and anchor behavior changes so that the traveling public is empowered and motivated to make a smarter travel decision in their daily commute.  

University of Arizona

Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

1209 E 2nd St, Tucson, AZ 87721


Phone: 520-626-8462

Metropia Inc.

1790 E River Rd, Ste 140

Tucson, AZ 85718


Phone: 520-326-8067


This is my 2013 TEDx talk on Active Demand Management using incentives, information to motivate motorists to adjust their behavior in a baby step to their own travel and to benefit the entire system. 

Metropia, the company I founded in 2012, aims to persuade and incentivize commuters for taking steps to explore more mobility options. We build a Mobility-as-a-Service&Tool (MaaS&T) platform based on the Active Demand Managment research we started in 2010. 

This is a DynusT/DynuStudio simulation demo on a Portland OR case study. This video illustrates various visualization capabilities in DynuStudio. More video examples can be found here.

In DynusT.Net you can find everything about DynusT, from publications, video tutorials, to download links to try the free version and to buy the Pro version. 

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